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Government Sales Advisory Program


contract awardsThe Government Sales Advisory Program provides a wide range of targeted government marketing assistance, such as: guidance on initial required registrations and small business certifications, researching procurement histories, invites to small business matchmaking conferences, proposal preparation guidance and review, contract performance issues and much more.

E-commerce—including registrations, reviewing solicitations and bidding—in a paperless environment is a vital part of federal contracting. Government sales advisors support clients in those efforts. Technical data, such as military specifications and standards, pricing histories and technical information by part number is supplied, when available. In some cases, competitor research is part of the data research for clients.

The Government Sales Advisory Program provides guidance and instruction in proposal preparation, managing and performing on government contracts. In addition, clients receive an understanding of contracting requirements and the know-how to obtain and successfully perform federal, state and local government contracts. After an initial new client meeting at a convenient MSBDC office location, much of the business advisory services can be performed via phone, email or a zoom-type format making the technical assistance available in a timely and cost-effective manner to small business clients.

Small businesses headquartered in Massachusetts and in business for at least two years can qualify for a free bid-matching service (you must have email capabilities to receive this information). The bid-matching program monitors for a wide range of federal, state and local government bid opportunities and matches a client's specific product and/or service profiles to the government’s needs. 

Please click on the Request for Counseling button below to register for services. A Request for Counseling registration is required to be completed by each business seeking assistance.