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Conservation Works, LLC


Conservation Works(North Hatfield, MA)  Conservation Works, LLC was established in 2005 as a wide-ranging conservation consulting firm with extensive in-house expertise in land management, land protection, biological services, land use and open space planning, resource protection zoning, trail system development, and mapping and photo-documentation.

The partners of Conservation Works are Pete Westover, Molly Hale, Dick O’Brien and Sarah la Cour, each with extensive experience in a broad range of conservation, environmental, and planning projects. The partners have won numerous commendations and awards for their individual work over the past several decades. Collectively, Conservation Works has the expertise and experience to work on a wide variety of private and public projects in the Pioneer Valley and New England. Conservation Works welcomes collaboration with firms looking to team with a natural resource firm with our expertise and qualifications.

We also recognize and fondly remember one of Conservation Works cofounders, Terry Blunt. Terry was a conservation leader in the Commonwealth, and Conservation Works continues his work on many fronts.

"We feel that Conservation Works (CW) and its partners have benefited greatly from the MSBDC's assistance with budget projections, preparing a business plan, analyzing strengths and weaknesses, advertising, website preparation, and contacts with potential clients. CW has been in business for only six years, but with MSBDC's help has already established a lengthy list of clients and completed contracts. We look forward to continuing work with MSBDC staff."