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Callie's Creations


Callie Mignault(Peabody, MA)   Callie Mignault, the founder of Callie’s Creations, makes lazy Susans and charcuterie boards. The business started in 2020 as a way for Callie to fill the void during pandemic. Each design is handmade – first it is drawn by hand, next it is cut on vinyl, and finally it is applied to wood and sealed using liquid glass – a process that can take up to two weeks.  

In addition to running a successful business, Callie is a straight-A high school student who plays softball, participates in dance, and volunteers in her community. She balances all of this at just 16 years old. “As awful as COVID was for most people, for me it brought the start of a successful business”, said Callie.  

A senior business advisor with the Massachusetts SBDC - Northeast Region nominated Callie for SBA’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2024, Callie went on to win SBA’s Massachusetts Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

The business advisor, who is also a volunteer at the Children’s Business Fair, first met Callie when she was a vendor at the Hamilton-Wenham Fair. In 2022 and 2023, Callie was one of three winners in her age category at the Fair, an event targeted to young entrepreneurs, ages 8-18. “There was something very special about her – her energy, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit. Her booth (one of 50) had the heaviest flow of traffic at each event”, said the business advisor.

After learning more about Callie and her entrepreneurial ambitions, the business advisor suggested she work with the Massachusetts SBDC to talk about ways to grow her business.


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