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What services does the
Massachusetts Small Business Development
Network provide?

business advisorThe Massachusetts Small Business Development Center (MSBDC) Network provides one-to-one free comprehensive and confidential services focusing on, business growth and strategies, financing and loan assistance as well as strategic, marketing and operational analysis. In addition, low cost educational training programs are offered across the state targeted to the needs of small business.

This is achieved through three integrated product lines:

  • Business Advisory Services

  • Government Contracting

  • International Trade Assistance

Services are delivered through a statewide network of skilled professionals supported by a vast network of federal, state, educational and private sector partners. With eight regional and specialty offices and over 50 outreach locations across the state, services are available within 30-minutes of most potential clients in the state.

Business Advisory Services

A full-time staff of business advisors, supported by the resources of their host academic institutions, provides free business assistance to small businesses. Services are delivered statewide through a network of eight centers located in Boston, Fall River, Pittsfield, Salem, Springfield and Worcester as well as two statewide specialty resourcesthe Massachusetts Export Center and the Procurement Technical Assistance Center (services are not available at the State Office).

Business Training

The MSBDC conducts free and low-cost seminars, workshops, courses and conferences addressing a wide range of concerns for both startup and existing businesses.

Many of these programs are cosponsored with local chambers of commerce, colleges and universities, community development organizations, banks and trade associations.

Quality Control and Accountability    

The MSBDC places great importance on monitoring and measuring the quality and economic impact of the services that we provide. Below are measures that we have in place to ensure that we are focusing on our mission and delivering the best service possible to small businesses in Massachusetts.

  • Individual staff members are assigned annual deliverables across a number of different areas, including: number of clients assisted; number of direct business advisory hours provided to clients; number of long-term clients assisted; training programs organized; economic impact generated; and more.

  • All staff members are required to receive at least 24 hours of professional development training each year to ensure that they are staying current on the latest business trends and issues affecting clients.

  • All clients are surveyed by the MSBDC State Office for overall satisfaction and quality control. In addition, a minimum of 10% of all clients receiving assistance are surveyed via telephone.

  • All clients receiving five or more hours of business assistance are surveyed annually by a third party researcher to gather economic impact.

  • Annual programmatic reviews are conducted by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

  • Accreditation reviews are conducted every four years by the Association of Small Business Development Centers. Accreditation standards meet the Baldrige National Quality Program requirements.

  • Financial reviews are conducted every two years by SBA examiners.

Who is involved in the program?

The MSBDC is built on partnerships, including the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Department of Defense, the Massachusetts Office of Business Development, higher educational institutions (University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Massachusetts Boston, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Clark University and Salem State University), as well as private organizations, economic development groups and local chambers of commerce.

How is the program structured?

The MSBDC is a statewide organization with eight advisory centers located throughout Massachusetts. In addition, MSBDC business advisors deliver services through numerous outreach sites, including chambers of commerce, community development corporations and economic development organizations.

What is the impact of the budget contributed by the Commonwealth to the
MSBDC and why is it a good investment?

  • The MSBDC provides business assistance to over 8,200 clients annually.

  • The MSBDC secured $39.5 million in financing for small business clients in FY14.

  • MSBDC clients generated $9.77 million in total tax revenue ($2.95 million in federal tax revenue and $6.82 million in Massachusetts tax revenue annually). *

  • MSBDC clients generated $6.43 in state tax revenue for each dollar expended on the program from state, federal and local funding sources. *

  • MSBDC advisory services contributed to over 3,100 jobs created and retained in Massachusetts in FY14. *

  • MSBDC services provided via the Massachusetts Export Center contributed to $150 million in export sales in calendar year 2013.

  • MSBDC clients secured over $21.03 million in federal procurement contracts in FY14
    via the Procurement Technical Assistance Center.

> Fiscal Year 2014 Achievements


* Figures based on the results of a survey conducted by Dr. James Chrisman on the impact of MSBDC
   services received by clients receiving five or more hours of assistance in 2012.


Why are MSBDC services so important to the economy?

State revenues are dependent upon sales, income and employment taxes paid by small businesses.

The MSBDC assists startup and existing businesses to manage cash flow, bolster revenue streams, and increase sales and employment which contribute to the economic growth and stability of the Commonwealth.


Mission Statement

The Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network contributes to the entrepreneurial growth of small businesses throughout Massachusetts by providing high-quality, in-depth advising, training, and capital access.


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The MSBDC is funded by:
U.S. Small Business Administration
Massachusetts Office of Business Development
U.S. Small Business Administration MA Office of Business Development

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