Massachusetts Export Center

Export Regulatory Compliance


The federal government imposes a variety of restrictions on U.S. export activity. These regulations are carried out by a number of agencies, creating a complex environment for exporters to navigate. The Massachusetts Export Center offers a full range of assistance to help exporters comply with U.S. export regulations. We help businesses to determine which regulations affect their export activities, and we provide technical assistance throughout the entire compliance process. This includes guidance in restricted party screening, jurisdiction determination, sanctions compliance, export control classification, determination of export licensing obligations, and more. We also help exporters to develop export compliance programs to ensure that their export operations are compliant with federal requirements. Finally, the Export Center also organizes a robust series of training programs on global trade regulatory compliance issues.

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The Massachusetts Export Center offers the Compliance Alliance as a special membership initiative designed to provide a forum for exporting firms to network, share best practices and stay current on export regulatory compliance issues. 

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