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South River Miso Company, Inc.


Christian Elwell had imagined a way of life he wanted to live on the land in New England: a meaningful, sustainable life, with direct connection to the real sources of his life and being in spirit, nature, community, and culture. He believed miso-making would be a positive expression of right livelihood that would lend itself to this vision. Mr. Elwell began his company in November 1980 when he went with a friend to Ohio, packed equipment, vats, and everything else, plus 13 tons of miso into one huge semi-trailer and brought it all to South River Farm, his new homestead in Conway, Massachusetts.

In January 1981, he named his company South River Miso Company after the beautiful river that runs through his homestead. His company has grown ever since.

"The good people at the MSBDC have provided valuable counsel for many different phases of our business. In the mid 80's they helped prepare financial information for our first commercial loan and have been supportive in so many other ways since then. This kind of long term relationship is what has made us as solid as we are, with our advisors, our employees, our vendors, and, of course, with our customers."