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Compliance Alliance: Member Terms and Conditions


Massachusetts Export Center | Compliance Alliance

  • Standards of Conduct: The primary purpose of the Compliance Alliance is to provide a forum for exporting firms to network, share best practices and stay current on export regulatory compliance issues. To achieve this goal, the Massachusetts Export Center and its advisory board feel that it is important to create an environment that emphasizes the exchange of helpful export regulatory information while minimizing the promotion of specific products and services targeted towards exporters.
    As such, unless written permission is obtained in advance from the Massachusetts Export Center, service providers are strictly prohibited from marketing their products and services during networking events, via email to Compliance Alliance members, or by any other means of promotion.
    All Compliance Alliance members are strictly prohibited from sharing member-only resources and information with non-members. This includes the Compliance Alliance member directory and other information provided in the “Members Only” section of the Compliance Alliance website, such as webinars and seminar materials.
    Please note: The membership list is confidential and may not be shared with any party outside of the Compliance Alliance. Moreover, use of this list to promote products or services or to contact members for non-Compliance Alliance business is strictly prohibited.
    The MSBDC/Massachusetts Export Center reserves the right to cancel membership for any member that violates the terms of these policies. In such cases, membership dues will not be refunded. Report abuse directly to the Massachusetts Export Center at 617-973-6610.

  • Membership Term and Dues: Annual membership dues are payable when the prospective member’s application is submitted. The membership year runs annually from October 1 - September 30. Membership dues are not refundable. The MSBDC / Massachusetts Export Center may, at its discretion, adjust the fees and dues at any membership level for the Compliance Alliance. The Massachusetts Export Center also reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify the appropriate membership level for any application.

  • Limits of Liability: Membership in the Compliance Alliance is voluntary and the member agrees that it will not hold the MSBDC/Massachusetts Export Center and its agents liable for any conduct, advice or information provided by members of the Compliance Alliance.

  • Confidentiality: The MSBDC/Massachusetts Export Center will not release the information provided in the application, except when required under applicable federal and state statutes, rules, procedures and regulations.


The Massachusetts Export Center reserves the right to reject or cancel any membership that does not conform to these terms.