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A Basic Guide to Exporting

The U.S. Department of Commerce's official publication, "A Basic Guide to Exporting", is available in PDF* format. Due to the size of this publication, it is broken down by chapters. The complete guide is also available (196 pages). This guide was prepared with the assistance of Unz & Co. and is available in HTML format at


   Table of Contents (88 KB)
   Preface (64 KB)
   Developing an Export Strategy (80 KB)
   Developing a Market Plan (92 KB)
   Export Advice (92 KB)
   Methods/Channels (104 KB)
   Making Contacts (92 KB)
   Technology Licensing/Joint Ventures (72 KB)
   Preparing Your Product for Export (76 KB)
   Service Exports (68 KB)
   International Legal Considerations (128 KB)
   Shipping Your Product (448 KB)
   Pricing, Quotations and Terms (196 KB)
   Methods of Payment (188 KB)
   Financing Export Transactions (100 KB)
   Business Travel Abroad (84 KB)
   Selling Overseas (68 KB)
   After-Sales Service (68 KB)
   Entire Publication (1.1 MB)


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